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    28 July 2015
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As a business, you're most likely going to need some form of energy to run your operations. While your business's energy bills are an unavoidable cost, there are ways you can save on your energy usage and improve your business finances. Here we provide you with a summary of support optiona available for businesses. 

The Australian Government's One Business has a new energy management topic on their website which is full of tips to help you:

  • reduce your energy costs
  • manage your energy use
  • review and negotiate your energy contract
  • reduce your impact on the environment.

Reduce your costs

As a small business owner, you're no doubt on the lookout for ways to save money. The good news is there are some proactive steps you can take to reduce your business's energy costs:

  • Shop around. Once you have a good understanding of your energy use look at all your options and make a choice best suited to your business needs.
  • Review your energy contract. Some fees and charges may be negotiable - it never hurts to ask.
  • Make sure equipment is maintained and in good working order. If you need new equipment, try to buy or lease the most energy efficient option. While this may cost a little bit more in the beginning it will save you money in the long run.

There are grants available for small businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency. Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the size of your operation. Search the Grant Finder to find out if there are any grants available for your business.

Reduce your energy use

Using less energy is not only beneficial to the environment, but can also help your business's bottom line. Try these tips to help your business use less energy:

  • Wherever possible, use your equipment during off-peak times.
  • Switch off equipment when it's not in use, or use automatic timers to switch equipment on and off.
  • Consider alternative energy sources like solar panels, using alternative fuels or switching to a green energy provider. Some retailers may even pay you for the energy your alternative solution feeds back into the network (a feed-in tariff). If you decide to look into this option make sure to have a look at the Australian Energy Regulator's guidelines as there are rules that apply to the retail sale of energy.

The NSW Government offers the following energy savings programs:

  1. Save energy and reduce your bills - Information and practical guidance on how to save.
  2. Energy Saver Program - Eligible businesses can receive subsidised, specialised advice and project support.
  3. Free solar power workshops for business - The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage is running a series of free workshops to explain solar power technology and some of the funding options available. Seven of these events have been held and all have been well received. Please email if you would be interested in attending one in your area.

Find out more...
Have a look at the Australian Government's new Energy Management topic, for tips on managing energy use in your business.
Visit the Energy Efficiency Exchange for information specific to your small business.
Check out Energy Made Easy to:

  • compare electricity and gas offers
  • get tips to help control your costs.


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