Projects » Digital Economy Transition

Digital Economy Transition

Projects » Digital Economy Transition

Digital Economy Transition


Fast, affordable, and universally available broadband connectivity is a pre-requisite for the future prosperity in the region. Consistent, stable, reliable and good quality communication via radio, internet and mobile phone networks is crucial to support safe and connected communities. Access to the ‘digital economy’ via fast, reliable broadband will allow business to achieve productivity increases, access new markets and compete globally. 

RDA Southern Inland will support the development of on-line businesses, creating back-of-house and order fulfilment jobs – roles suitable for aged workers who will otherwise struggle for gainful employment opportunities. 



RDA Southern Inland secured funding from the Australian Government to deliver Capital Region Digital Enterprise (CRDE) into the Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Palerang, Yass Valley and Cooma local government areas. This saw the delivery of 51 workshops and 180 business consultations from October 2013 until September 2015. CRDE helped approximately 350 local small businesses and community groups improve their online presence and use of digital technology. Whilst CRDE has concluded, it's legacy remains. You can access the training resources at  Topics include:


  • Creating and promoting your website
  • Online Marketing, including Facebook, Trip Advisor and Google Adwords
  • E-commerce
  • Online business management


This report builds on the work compiled in the Telework Options in the ACT Region report by looking more closely at the technical requirements for supporting tele-work hubs, and in particular, options for providing the level of broadband connectivity on which tele-working so vitally depends. The report considers three sample locations to provide a more representative reflection of the differing broadband availability across the ACT and Southern Inland regions.  

View the Southern Inland and ACT Regions NBN Readiness Smart Work Towns Project (PDF 5.23MB).







The Multi Layers of Digital Exclusion in Rural Australia - This paper was presented at the 48th Annual Conference on Science Systems in 2015.  Despite many policy interventions, Australia’s rural areas continue to be at a digital disadvantage. With the increasing penetration of information and communication technologies into all public and private realms, there is a need to examine the deeply rooted digital divide and how it relates to multiple rural dimensions of infrastructure, services and demand in rural communities. This paper reports findings from a workshop with seven rural local governments from NSW. The findings suggest that rural digital exclusion results from a multi-layered divide where elements of infrastructure, connectivity and digital engagement are intertwined.

View the The Multi Layers of Digital Exclusion in Rural Australia research paper (PDF 208KB).

Department of Communications -

The Mobile Black Spot Programme is an Australian Government initiative to extend mobile phone coverage and competition in regional Australia. The programme will invest in telecommunications network infrastructure to improve coverage of high quality mobile voice and wireless broadband services and competition in the provision of these services.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will ensure that all Australians have access to very fast broadband using a mix of technologies. The Australian Government is committed to completing the construction of the NBN sooner, at less expense for taxpayers and more affordably for consumers.

Digital Economy - The Department of Communications is the lead Australian Government agency working to support all Australians realise the full potential of the digital economy.  Programs to support this include:

Telework - The Telework website provides tools and information to assist employers and employees to implement telework successfully. 

Internet Basics - The Internet Basics website provides a starting point for internet novices to build the skills and confidence needed to get online. 

Digital Business - The Digital Business website provides practical guidance for small businesses and community organisations to establishand enhance their online presence.

Digital Business Kits - Digital Business Kits will address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge and promote use of innovative digitalsolutions to market products and services, engage with clients and improve business operations.

Digital Careers Program - The Digital Careers program is a four-year initiative, aimed at fostering interest amongst high school students indigital technologies, ICT study and increase awareness of ICT career options.

Digital Enterprise Program - The Digital Enterprise program is helping small-to-medium enterprise and not-for-profit organisations improvethe way they do business online and participate in the digital economy.RDA Southern Inland is delivering .  Capital Region Digital Enterprise

Digital Hubs Program - The Digital Hubs program is helping communities gain the digital literacy skills needed to effectively participate in the digital economy.

Digital Local Government Program - The Digital Local Government program helps local governments enhance their online services and maximise the benefits of high-speed broadband.

NSW Department of Trade and Investment -

The Digital Economy Industry Action Plan has now been released. The Plan, developed by the industry-led Taskforce, outlines a vision and strategy for the NSW digital economy over the next decade.