RDA Southern Inland Regional Priorities

We have identifed seven regional priorities. These priorities address major regional issues and align with local, state and federal government policy settings and funding programs. Focussing on regional priorities is the most efficient way to achieve our Vision.

Industry Decentralisation

View ProjectRDA Southern Inland commissioned a concept and financial analysis which has established significant benefits and savings to the wool industry if the Yennora Wool Sales were to relocate to an inner regional area of NSW, such as Goulburn.

Regional Development Planning

View ProjectWe ensure informed planning at all levels guides the strategic and sustainable development of the region.

Education, Employment & Investment

View ProjectWe deliver our own projects and work with partner agencies to promote education and strong regional economies.

Transport - Infrastructure & Services

View ProjectWe contribute to transport planning and work with partner agencies to improve transport infrastructure and delivery.

Regional Food

View ProjectWe support regional food networks and promote local food  production, processing, marketing and consumption and food and wine tourism.

Digital Economy Transition

View ProjectWe assist businesses and community organisations to embrace the digital economy.

Living & Working Sustainably

View ProjectWe support the region’s renewable energy sector and promote sustainability practices in the workplace and community.