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Digital Economy Transition

Regional Priority

Fast, affordable, and universally available broadband connectivity is a pre-requisite for the future prosperity in the region. Consistent, stable, reliable and good quality communication via radio, internet and mobile phone networks is crucial to support safe and connected communities. Access to the ‘digital economy’ via fast, reliable broadband will allow business to achieve productivity increases, access new markets and compete globally. 
RDA Southern Inland will support the development of on-line businesses, creating back-of-house and order fulfilment jobs – roles suitable for aged workers who will otherwise struggle for gainful employment opportunities.
The ACT is a major employer of the region’s workforce, with 23,000 Southern Inland residents travelling into the ACT daily. The RDA Southern Inland Smart Work Towns concept will support the Commonwealth Government’s Teleworking initiative and potentially provide significant employment and community prosperity benefits to the region. The concept will see the establishment of Smart Work Hubs across the region – a Hub is a business centre supported by a fast broadband connection. The Hubs will allow a significant number of people to work from their home town rather than travel hours per day to centralized work locations, thus enhancing their productivity, health, lifestyle and propensity to shop locally.
RDA Southern Inland will also support the work of partner LGAs who have identified significant technology related infrastructure projects that will support longer term economic development and community prosperity. The Higher Country Learning and Information Hub in Jindabyne, promoted by Snowy River Shore Council is a good example.


Smart Work Towns Project
In 2012 RDA Southern Inland and RDA ACT received funding to conduct a Smart Work Towns Readiness Assessment. We engaged broadband pioneer and the founder of TransACT, Robin Eckermann as project consultant. See more on the project here. 
Telework Promotion
The Australian government is promoting Telework as part of its National Digital Economy Strategy. RDA Southern Inland was a partner in the inaugural Telework Week (November annually)  and will continue to promote and engage with the federal government’s Teleworking initiative via our website and e-newsletters. Find out more about teleworking here. 
Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program
RDA Southern Inland has secured funding from the  Federal Department of Communication  to deliver the Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program. Find out more about the program here
Digital Business Program
The Department of Communication has a wealth of resources available on via its Digital Business portal. 
Upgrade Broadban, Mobile and Radio Coverage
RDA Southern Inland will promote the need for the upgrade of broadband, mobile phone and radio network coverage for emergency communication across the SENSW region. This service is critical to ensure communities, businesses and visitors to the region can access and act in response to emergency communication during times of natural disasters such as bushfires and floods. 

Improved Broadband - Submission to the ACCC Review



In early 2014 RDA Southern Inland prepared a submission to the ACCC Review of Domestic Transmission Capacity Service. The submission highlighted the challenges faced by  Southern Inland residents accessing competative broadband services and several proposals that wouid improve access.

View the submission here

 Improved Mobile Coverage - Submisson to the Dept of Communications Review

In early 2014 RDA Southern Inland prepared a submission to the Department of Communications Mobile Coverage Program. The submission evaluated the merits of a number of options proposed by the Department to improve mobile coverage in regional Australia, supported the submissons prepared by our local government and community partners and SEROC and highlighted to magnitude of the 'black spot' challenge in the Southern Inland regon. 

View the submission here

 RDASI Report 'The National Broadband Network and South Eastern NSW' 

David Anthony, a communications planning and development specialist was commissioned by RDASI to conduct this project. In September 2011 he delivered the report ‘The National Broadband Network and South Eastern NSW Discussion Paper’.

A copy of the report is available here


National Broadband Network Updates

 Following the 2013 election, the Coaltion government inititaded a review of NBN Co. This is currently underway. 


Visit the NBNCo website for the latest information. 

Click here to view network coverage. 

Click here to view the rollout plan. 


Additional NBN Resources

Below are links to additional resources which will assist communities identifiy the issues and opportunities associated with the NBN rollout. 

'Making Connections, Bridging the Gap - An Issues Paper by Dr Tim Williams.'

'Yarra Valley Opportunity Assessment for Economic and Community Growth throught the Broadband Economy'

National Broadband Network Opportunities Case Studies


Tele-Commuting Hubs

A project examining opportunities to develop Tele-Commuting Hubs, or 'work hubs' is currently underway. Find out mroe about this exciting project here. 


Find out more about telecommuting here


 Anywhere Working Website - A Tele-Commuting Blog

Visit the 'Anywhere Working' website. Read the latest blog posts or access the calculator to see how much you might save by working from home.