Regional Food

A strong regional food network nourishes regional economies, tourism and health. It preserves fertile land and promotes regional resilience.

Education, Employment & Investment

Education is the key that unlocks a person’s full potential. A vibrant economy is fundamental to regional prosperity.

Regional Development Planning

Planning ensures the efficient allocation of resources and the achievement of our regional Vision.

Living & Working Sustainably

Our current economic model, based on infinite growth and the exploitation of finite resources, is unsustainable. Climate change is impacting the region – mitigation and adaption must occur.

Transport - Infrastructure & Services

Good market access is essential for regional economies to prosper. Effective transport networks provide access to basic services such as health care and education.

Digital Economy Transition

Fast broadband allows regional businesses and communities to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Connected regional communities are safer, more competitive and more amenable.

Welcome to RDA Southern Inland

RDA Southern Inland is part of a national network of 55 Regional Development Australia committees across Australia. These committees are made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the development of regional Australia.

We ensure informed planning at all levels guides the strategic and sustainable development of the region.
We deliver projects and work with partner agencies to promote education and strong regional economies.
We contribute to transport planning and work with partner agencies to improve transport infrastructure and delivery.
We support regional food networks and promote local production, processing, marketing and consumption and food and wine tourism.
We assist businesses and community organisations to embrace the digital economy.
We support the region’s renewable energy sector and promote sustainability practices in the workplace and community.